A collection of jumping-off points for swimming in life’s troubled waters

Getting good sleep
Eating a healthy diet
Doing physical exercise
Staying a healthy weight
Quitting smoking
Managing alcohol and drug use
Living with low moods
Living with paranoia and fear
Living with voices and visions
Dealing with self-harm
Taking back control in crisis
Dealing with the urge to die

Swell is an online and paper-based recovery toolkit. This version, for mental health and addiction workers, resources them to support the people they work with in resolving life challenges. Each challenge is broken up into three short, digestible segments:

  • What works

    A short paper on what works in resolving the challenge gives a succinct summary of the evidence and experience.

    It’s designed to help mental-health workers absorb some quick information that they can share with the people they work with.

  • Having the conversation

    A step-by-step guide for mental-health workers to having conversations about the challenge with the people they work with – what to consider beforehand, how to bring up the subject, and leading questions for continuing the conversation in a safe, intentional and respectful way.

  • Peer-recovery stories

    A story by a person with lived experience of mental distress that discusses the impact of the challenge on their lives and the things that helped them to overcome the challenge – written to instil hope and inspiration to mental-health workers and service users.