About Swell

Swell is an online and paper-based recovery toolkit.

Why Swell

Swell is an online and paper-based recovery toolkit for mental-health service workers and service users – who can use it collaboratively or independently of each other. We are also developing it for use by families, employers and others in support roles.

Our market research found that service workers are often under-resourced to meet the complex demands of their work. Swell will give them access to best-practice information and advice on resolving common recovery challenges.

Service users are often under-engaged in their recovery and life. Swell will give them access to information, and enable them to complete, share and store activities to assist them to resolve common recovery challenges.

Swell is different from just about every other mental-health-related website and app out there; it is peer informed, whole of life and integrated into service delivery.

Swell development

The completed version 1 of Swell will consist of 60 challenges in 10 life domains.

We’re building Swell version 1 in two stages:

Stage 1: We’re writing three short papers for each challenge – what works, a conversation guide and a peer-recovery story – for mental-health and addiction workers.

  • Seven of the ten domains have been completed.
  • The remaining domains will be completed by the end of 2016.

Stage 2: We will develop an app (for PCs, tablets and smartphones) to enable online collaboration between service users and service workers, and we will adapt the Swell resources for service users. It will be completed by the end of 2016.

Looking for development customers

Mind Australia and EACH Social and Community Health, (Melbourne, Australia) and the Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto) are our first development customers and several more are in the pipeline. Our development customers pay in advance for Swell to enable us to build it. It means they can help to shape Swell and get the benefit of Swell early on. We are looking for more development customers in English speaking countries. Get in touch with Swell here

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